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Customers keep bringing their furniture back…

"We have two of the Artifex Chaise lounges in black leather that we purchased about 20 years ago. The 2.5 seater has been well loved and the base and seat need some refurbishment. We love them and are keen to keep them for many years to come.”

There is nothing we love more than a happy customer even 10, 15, 20+ years after their purchase! When the years go by, old furniture can start to look a little less plump and in an increasingly throw-away world, replacing these pieces can often seem like the best solution. But! Why not take something old and bring a new lease of life to it. Retain both its functionality and character.

Have you thought about reupholstery?

What is it? What are the options? Does it save you money? Is it better for the environment?

Recovering vs reupholstering

Recovering a chair involves simply taking old fabric off and putting new fabric on. However, reupholstery entails much much more!

To reupholster a piece of furniture we start with a complete tear down of the piece, removing all fabric and padding, carry out a full check of the support systems to see what else may need replacing (generally foam, webbing and springs) and then finally creating patterns and upholstering the piece with the new fabric or leather of your choice.

This thorough process ensures the end product not only looks better, but really is better. The finished product is brand new again ready for many more years of enjoyment.

Tell me about the possibilities

Options for reupholstery are much the same as when purchasing new furniture. Although the size of the product (i.e. 2-seater, 3-seater etc) are set in stone, you again get to choose the fabric or leather you’d like, foam density and upholstery detail such as piping and buttons etc.

Our team are trained and skilled in upholstery and the transformation of a number of furniture items including ottomans, recliners, bedheads and the very well-worn sofas that have been loved by the whole family for years. Standard Artifex products are recovered using our already made Artifex templates and custom reupholstery work is handled by our team at Everest Design, a division of Artifex, who complete the one-off bespoke jobs.

What’s it worth

Regarding cost, it really comes down to the condition your furniture is in and exactly what it is you are after. Pricing is broken into four main elements: labour, material, additional parts and delivery/freight.

At Artifex Australia, costs for reupholstered furniture are generally lower than brand new pieces and so, along with a saving in your pocket, you get to keep your furniture, its sentimental meaning and all the memories that go with it.

When the product still does the job, it’s functional and structurally fine but needs a freshen up, reupholstery is the way to go.

Where does the environment fit in?

Unfortunately, we’ve become a throw-away society with so much cheap furniture available that isn’t built to last. Sure, these cheaper options may be functional, attractive and comfortable, but for how long? So much of this cheap furniture is put on the kerb and sent straight to landfill.

By reupholstering your furniture, you are saving the environment by reusing, upcycling and making something old new again instead of sending it to the kerb! Restoring and reupholstering your furniture is an eco-friendly option that will effectively have you do your bit for the environment and our future generations.

The choice is yours

By restoring and reupholstering quality furniture, you are potentially adding another 20 years of life to that furniture. At the same time, you are showing appreciation for generations of skill and dedication.

With reupholstered furniture, you prolong the life cycle of the piece and can even modify its physical appearance in the process.

You may be interested in the idea of reupholstering your furniture but are not sure where to start. We have been reupholstering all kinds of furniture since 1978 and know just what your old, well-worn furniture needs to look brand new again. Our skilled team handcraft furniture built to last and will gladly bring your pre-loved pieces back to life!


To get started, send us an email or give our team a call on 08 9455 1400

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