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Not only is Artifex Australia using sustainable materials to build our products, we are also working towards having 100% recycled waste and we are almost there!


We are always striving to care for the environment and minimise the impact that the manufacturing processes may cause and below outlines our current recycling programme

Image by Dan Burton

Foam offcuts

Our foam offcuts go back to Joyce foams to be recycled & made into carpet underlay and other products.


Steel offcuts

Our steel offcuts are taken to our local metal recyclers.


Textile offcuts

REmida often collect our old fabric and leather remnants and will continue to take these along with our plywood and MDF offcuts


Timber offcuts

Last but not least, taken by our staff, our solid timber offcuts are used for warming up houses.  


REmida WA

We have partnered with REmida WA – a not for profit community project that collects manufacturing waste and makes these materials available to schools, childcare centres, artists & families to use for arts, crafts and other projects.  We also donate a lot of our fabrics directly to schools for use in their arts classes. REmida often collect our old fabric and leather remnants and will continue to take these along with our plywood and MDF offcuts, and other usable waste.


Please visit for more information.

Image by Ethan Bodnar

If you have any enquiries about our recycling programme, or any advice on how we can improve, please contact us at

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