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Furniture that’s good for you

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Handcrafting bespoke timber furniture is an art, an art we love to perform here at Artifex Australia. Wooden furniture is full of character, warmth and individuality + it’s good for you!

Marjut Wallenius, Doctor of Psychology at the University of Tampere states,

“Wood has psychological effects on people and a similar stress-reducing effect to nature. The use of wood promotes the health and well-being of mind and body.”
“Based on studies carried out so far, we can say that wood reduces stress in a person and has a calming effect. This is based on the positive emotional experience that wood causes, such as proximity to nature, warmth, homeliness and a relaxing effect,” explains Wallenius.
Custom ping pong table. Designed and manufactured by Artifex Australia.

The product design may stay the same but when working with natural materials such as timber, each piece is unique, with varying grain patterns, natural colour shifts and a difference in texture.

Advantages of wooden furniture!

Strength and durability

Wood is a long-lasting and robust material, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for longevity from their furniture.

Look and feel

Wooden furniture adds a certain warmth and charm to a room, with a variety of finishes from lighter-coloured wood to the rich darker hues.


When responsibly sourced and certified, wood is an excellent option for sustainability, therefore an environmentally sound way of furnishing a home


The extensive range of wood colours and tones means that plenty of variety is available. Each species and cut offers a noticeable difference between the grains and textures.


Unlike many other materials, wood looks good in pretty much any setting, indoors and outdoors!


If you’d like to make the most of these advantages or there’s a particular furniture design on your mind, have a chat with our team.

We love new products, we love a challenge and we love sustainable furniture!


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