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Are there any positives to COVID19?

There's no hiding, 2020 has been a strange year! COVID19 has created an unusual climate for Artifex, manufacturing and business in general. There is a positive though! and that is the increased interest in products made in Australia.

More people are becoming aware, more people are asking questions, and more people are supporting local.

This season has provided a lot more opportunities for us to win work and the push for Australian made furniture has resulted in us keeping really busy! Amongst the craziness, our team have brought some new designs to life, with the following products added to our collection: Detroit, Ashlee, Kelly, Asti and Lantern.

We understand how fortunate we have been in Western Australia but there have been a variety of negative impacts as well, with staffing and supplier challenges. We think of our partners on the East Coast and the difficulties they have faced. It really has been a bitter sweet year.


It has also been a year that has gone incredibly quickly and we are here to break it to you, there's less than 8 weeks until Christmas!!


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